Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Monday, September 5, 2011

Passport to Discovery Cruise 2011

Most people know that last year I won a modeling competition in dallas through barbizon which gave me a scholarship to attend the Passport to Discovery Cruise and compete there. Well this year they invited me back on the cruise to be a staff member. Of course, I said yes! It was a free cruise.. who would say no? The Fun part was that they invited my mother to be staff too. So when moving to NYC we figured out that going on the cruise would be the first time I would see my mom since I left. Which brought joy to my mother! When packing for NYC, I had to pack things for the cruise because I would be flying from New York to Florida and then boarding the boat from there. The cruise was August 8th. My flight left at 7:30am. Getting to the airport that morning was one of the worst mornings ever! I was flying out of the JFK airport because you can take the subway and then an air train for $5 which compared to a $50 taxi is amazing! Flying by myself for the first time, I wanted to leave early and be very prepared so around 3:30 I headed to the subway. Having to lug all my stuff down the subway stairs was an disaster! Then finally making it done the stairs and into the hot subway. I see a sign that says the J train will not be running downtown at the station I was at from 12-5 am. What do I do now.. is the only thought running through my head. First of, subways only run every 30 minutes to an hour from 12-5 am. So I decided to go uptown and then transfer to the J train going downtown. I get off at the next stop.. and the same sign was there.. NO J TRAIN GOING DOWNTOWN. By now its 4:14... Im hot, sweaty, and very tired! It was going to 5 before another uptown train came so I just decided to wait at that station for the train coming downtown. At 5:10 I finally was on the subway heading to the airport! After such a stressful morning I was on my flight. I have not seen my mom since May 23 and I was about to see her as soon I landed. It was such a comfortable feeling seeing her and hugging her! To sub up the trip. I had a blast! I was a chaperon and I had 9 girls from 15-16 and they were the best girls I could ask for. They all got along and just were very respectful. I would say out of all the Staff, I had the best and easiest job. I got to do whatever my girls wanted to do. If that was swim, play golf, see any shows, or just hang out around the boat. But the best part was that when the girls were in meetings, competitions, or anything I had "my time." Me and my mother got to spend some good quality time together and catch up since it was so long since we saw each other. It was the exact same cruise so we went to Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico! Both places we just went shopping and then to the beach. It was so beautiful and full of excitement! The cruise definitely went by way too fast and then it came time for me and my mommy to go two different ways...It was so hard for me to say goodbye.. seeing my mom in tears just made my heart drop. This cruise was a great vacation and much needed! But seeing my mom was kinda like a tease...It made me miss my home, my family, and having a mom to care physically be there for me. I cant wait for PPD 2012 :) 


Today is September 5th and my last blog was July 28. That is just not right! I have so much to say and just to catch everyone up on. I am first going to start off with the reason I didn't blog for a while because I some how lost my blog. When I logged in, it said I had no blogs and I could start a new one. I tried every help link I could find but then my patience went out and I just gave up. A couple of days ago, I chose to figure it out! So now I am back to Blogging. Im not sure how I am going to blog for the month that I missed so I am going to recap by photos and descriptions of the photos!