Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its been too long

It is Tuesday morning and Im sitting in my living room in tears. It finally hit me that I have already been here for one month! Its been one month since I have seen my family, friends, my cat, and texas. It is so crazy. I know its been a while since I have blogged so i'm going to try to write about some things that I think are important. I am now living with 3 other girls. I got a new roommate a week ago! Her name is Shannon, she is a tall blonde! Very beautiful. Her mother took us all to lunch and it was our first time to really get to know each other. There is NO DRAMA in the house! We all get along very well. So its me, amanda, lynsee and shannon. Lynsee was my first roommate, sadly she is leaving in two weeks :(.... Its going to be very different because me and her click and shannon and amanda click. So I'm not sure what the house will be like without her. After she leaves, we should be having another girl come in a couple of weeks. Enough about my roommates. I have been doing okay.. I still have my little break downs but i'm trying very hard to stay strong and believe in myself. I have been running central park almost everyday. Its 5 o'clock and I just got a call for a casting so I have to continue when I get back! I promise :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Breathe

Its been a good week but I have been thinking a lot... almost too much. I have been praying that God will show me something that will give me the encouragement to keep going with modeling. I know I have been here for only 3 weeks but I started to begin thinking very negative. For the last couple of days I have been searching for photographers to do trade shoots. Time for print. So I sent many emails and with my luck I actually got an email from an agency that requested me for an open call. I went in with an open mind and let me just say God works in such crazy ways! I met with this photographer that is starting an agency and his work is outstanding. After having an amazing meeting with him, he is setting up a photo shoot with me! Its going to be amazing! I know I'm being very vague but I cant say too much ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your the reason I come home

So tonight I finally got to see my sister!! She has been in NYC since friday with reagan and her family so they were on a tight schedule but they made time to see me tonight! We grabbed dinner at this small Italian place, which was yummy then I gave them a tour of my place. I showed them my actual apartment (they searched through everything) then we went to the lounge and saw the movie room, gym, and pool tables. Then we went up to the rooftop and took pictures! It made my heart so happy to see my little sister! After hanging out in my place we headed down the road to pier 10 so they could see where I go to feel like home! It was also my first time to be there at night. The lights on the bridge were so beautiful! After hanging around there it was time to say goodbye. I grabbed them a taxi and said goodbye. It was so hard to let go to my baby girl.. Me being the emotional girl I am, started to cry. Even though it made my heart so happy it was even harder to say goodbye. I know its not goodbye, its see you later, but its another 3 months until I see her again. It made me realize how much I missed home and being with my family! Right before I left Texas, Me and nikki had grown so close together. We are not just sisters, we are best friend's.. and to see your bestfriend leave you is so hard... I am back up here sitting on my rooftop with tears coming down my face...</3

New Roommate!

For those who have been reading I got a new roommate, so that means there are three girls! Her name is Amanda and she is super sweet! This is her first time in NYC and she is only 17. She arrived sunday night around 8, so she unpacked, and we just hung out. Monday I took her to century 21 to get stuff for the house. Sadly, as we were working out she realized that she didn't have her Iphone. How sad, the first day in NYC and she lost her cellphone. I had to rush back to the apartment to let cynthia, Owner of Ikon,  into our apartment. So amanda walked to century 21 by herself without a phone to see if she could find it. After I met with Cynthia I decided to walk to find her, impossible! So i just came back to the apartment where they were having a casting for a reality T.V show about plus size models.  After about two hours, amanda shows up to the apartment in tears with no phone. We rushed to Verizon and her dad just bought her a new phone. I have no idea what I would of done. She was two hours alone, with no phone, in a city she had no idea where things where. I was just happy to see her. After the stress level was done we chilled and just started to get to know each other. She is such a sweet girl who I can see us getting along very well. Last night I did not sleep at all..... My email got hacked into so I spent two hours changing my password deactivating my accounts, trying to save as many contacts and emails has I can. I was stressed for a good 3 hours.. So I finally went to bed then woke up around 3 and could not sleep. I decided to get out of bed around 9 and I had breakfast then ran all around central park. Im pretty sure I ran/walked for a good 5 miles! It was so beautiful but extremely hot!! Now I am back into my apartment going to take a nap, rest, and shower for dinner with my little sister tonight!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fast Update!

The apartment finally feels like home! Its clean, organized, and some what decorated! I am so blessed to have a roommate like Lynsee, sadly, We have one girl staying with us that is checking out the apartment, then we have one girl moving in tonight. The girl that is checking out the place is so rude and very judgmental. Me and her do not get along. All she does is complain and complain and loves to hear herself talk! I pray the new girl isn't like that. I checked out the gym for the first time today and its wonderful! Its kinda small, but nice equipment. It does make me miss my fitness 19 back in Austin.

I am starting to feel very home sick. I miss my family, my friends, the lake, my cat, my parks, and so much more! I am also just getting so busy that I am not "creeping" on facebook as i use to and I don't know what a lot of people are up to. I don't feel as lonely has I did a couple of days ago. Well This was my shortest I think but I got places to be and people to see! Ill be back :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Photo's :)

I live only 3 minutes away from the Stock Exchange. I walk past it almost every day! 


Today while walking around ground zero, I saw this. I flipped out when I saw this because I have been wanting to see this for the last week! 

This is the view from my Roof top from one spot! 

When I went on my jog yesterday I went way to far and ended up in some creepy, ghetto area! But I got a really cool photo of the bridge. 

Its friday, friday, getting down on friday!

Its Friday Night, I am sitting on my rooftop looking out to the water thinking about how beautiful this city is at night. Its also crazy think about how one day none of this was here and it was beautiful land but now its a beautiful city. Today I was lucky enough to hang out with Rhett hartsfield and L.c Alexander. I showed them my rooftop, saw ground zero, time square, and walked central park! It was so nice to be spending time with some familiar faces. It bothers me that my little sister is in NYC but I have not seen her or talked to her at all. :( Makes me very sad. Now I am back in my apartment for the night! I never knew how much I would miss having internet in my apartment. Its killing me! I feel like I have no idea what is going on in peoples life! It also makes me thankful for having a smart phone. I would have no idea how I would survive without it here. Tomorrow is Saturday, and I am having a brunch with some friends then I work saturday night! I just found out that a new model will be moving in on Sunday.. Which stinks because me and lynsee just bounded and everything is so relaxed in the apartment and now a new girl is coming! I pray and hope that she is at least respectful and clean! Today I got a text from Veronica, my manager from APP, and it touched my heart to know she was thinking about me. Again, its a simple text that can make someones day. I still feel like I am living a dream... living in NYC is something that I never imaged. God has truly blessed my life. I just want to take time to say Thank You for all the love and support I have gotten though this adventure. I don't need to list names because you know who you are! My computer is about to die so I am going to say goodnight!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I know its been a couple of days since I have been on here! But I have my reasons. We finally moved new apartments and its so beautiful view! I have a 360 view of NYC! It is outstanding. The apartment itself is very new and a lovely homey place to stay! Its almost too good to be true. The location is on Wall street more towards the water! Everyone who lives here, you can tell, is made of money! I am not sure how my agent got this place! I had 3 castings yesterday and they went well, we will see if I get any! Me and lynsee, my roommate, have grown so close!! We spent all lastnight just sitting on the rooftop just talking about our life's. It feels so good to finally have someone you trust and can open up to. Then today, I woke up went to some castings and meeting then came back and just laid on the rooftop tanning with Lynsee all day! Its so beautiful. We are finally unpacking and organizing the apartment together, so it feels like home!

I do not have internet access inside my place yet but I can go to the rooftop lounge and use there internet. Thats why I have not been posting this on my facebook, twitter, or on here! I promise I will spend more time up here so yall can be caught up on what I am doing :) This one was short but I plan on writing tonight!