Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Here I am, sitting in my apartment, in NYC at 12:24! This is the second day that I have been here by my self. I arrived here friday morning with my mother! But she left monday at 3am! I was going to start blogging yesterday but for some reason or another I didn't. For those who really know me, I am not a writer and I am not a good writer! But I am doing this for me to look back on and for those who are interested. I am going to recap the last 4 days!

Friday: Our airplane landed in NYC at 2:00 am. We stayed in this small hotel 5 mins away from the airport. The hotel had a free bus transportation, which was great, but when we got the hotel, I was sketchy. They had no cart to put all of our luggage and no one to help. So me and my mother had to roll our 5 suitcases by ourself! We finally got to the hotel room and crashed. We had our first appointment with MMG, my agent, at 12:00, but we had to move our stuff into my apartment first. The meeting went so well and brought some good news! Then we had just walked around where my apartment is. This is when it hit me that I was less than 3 minutes away from ground zero, I am still speechless.

Saturday and sunday: Shopping days! Me and my mother went shopping for my apartment! There is nothing else I can write about....

Monday: Sadly, this was the day my mommy left me :(.. She woke up at 2ish and left around 3..then She kissed me goodbye. I woke up around 9:30 sad to see I was all alone. It was pretty sad, to be honest. I had a scheduled interview at 2 but when I went, the manager had just left so I decided to just walk around time square! In NYC, the time just flies by. Later that evening, I went on a jog and I found this beautiful pier only 10 minutes away from my apartment! The view was breathtaking and so calming. It brought me so much comfort.

Tuesday: I had my hair appointment at Frederico's at 11:00, I got so lost!!!! I think I walked past it about 5 times! I finally found it and made it on time! Its a beautiful salon! I felt famous going into it. This was the first time I had ever had my hair colored or highlighted. After about two hours, I was finally done! I liked what they did but my agent didn't. So I am going back tomorrow to get it redone. I will post pictures tomorrow! I arrived to my apartment around 5:00. Tonight, was the first night me and my roommate, Lynsee got to get to know each other! It makes me happy! I finally feel comfortable with her and have one friend!! Its getting pretty late so im off to bed :) Goodnight!


  1. Good luck in NYC. I was just there last week for a quick vacation.

  2. Excited to keep up with your blog & your life! Love u little sister!