Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Friday, May 27, 2011

Never Too Late

I just got too busy to blog about my day yesterday, thursday, so I am going to do it now! Thursday morning I woke up and ran! It was a beautiful morning and I had no plans. I just jogged around the neighborhood, No I didn't go to the pier, I wanted to switch it up since it was a morning run. Around 2:00 I had a interview which went very well! After my interview I went make to my apartment to change and I was going to walk time square but my roommate and her friends were going to coney island and they invited me! It was about a 40 min subway trip but it was my first time to ride a subway outside! The view was nothing special but had a lot of art, graffiti. The view was so beautiful once you stepped out of the subway. We walked around the beach, played in the sand, and just sat and looked out into the water! It was so relaxing. On the strip there is "Nathan's" which is a famous hot dog place! Of course, we had to stop and get their hotdogs and lemonade! It was pretty yummy but nothing too special. We were all ready to go so we headed back into the city. Its so funny to think that in NY you can take a subway anywhere and in less than an 1 hour your there. Where in texas, you can drive for 8 hours and still be in Texas! I am pretty excited that I have a clean, pretty beach right around the corner! We headed to the apartment to shower up and get all cute because we were going to have a fun night! After a long, fun, exciting day my bed never seemed to comfy! I had the best night sleep since I have been here! :)

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