Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trust your agents!

Today was a beautiful day, but it also made me wish I was in austin because I would of totally been on the lake! Anyway...  I had my second hair appointment for them to fix, i guess change, my hair! Yesterday we just added blonde highlights but my agents wanted something a little more dramatic. Rich, depth, and red tones were the three words they made sure I told the hairstylist. I was so nervous when they said red, RED! I never thought I would be okay with having red in my hair! Instead of just highlighting my hair, they actually dyed my all my hair then added red highlights! After 3 hours I am in love with it! I learned that I just have to trust my agents because they know whats best for me! When I was finished my hair I walked to my agents office and everyone in the office loved it! That was the first time, I had gotten everyones attention in the office! On my way to the subway to head back to my apartment I stopped at PRET, which is a organic, all natural deli! My sandwich was delicious! Then I headed home. I got home around 5:00 and I decided that I was ready to go on my jog. So as my new routine I jog to the pier and just relax and listen to music, its my time to take everything in! It was so beautiful, the weather, the sunlight, and the beautiful boats! It was breathtaking! Now is 8:26 and I am blogging while watching "Minute to win it." I am about to go sit in the steam room, do abs, then shower and head to bed. <3

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