Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Sunday, July 3, 2011

White Collar

Last week, While walking to a casting, I saw something being filmed but I continued on to my casting and didn't think twice about it. On my way back home, they were still filming so I decided to stop and look! They were filming the tv show "White Collar" I have no idea about the show but I was so interested in watching them film it that I decided to stay and watch. The security was so tight.. they only let us stand in certain areas to watch. They were telling people to move and not stand in certain areas, but me being the risky girl I am, I decided to stay. Then, this one sweet security guy saw what I did and he came over to me and asked why I did what I did, then he let me meet the main actor of the show, Matt Bomber, After socializing with him, they invited me behind the scenes of the filming! I got to actually sit in the chair and watch the TV screens as they were filming right beside my apartment! It was so awesome.

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