Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Time goes by too fast

Its Saturday Morning and I am going to take time to blog about things that I want to share! I first want to apologize for not blogging like I use to. I just have been so busy and when I get free time, I don't think to write. I am sorry. There is so much that I don't even know where to start!!! Living in NYC by yourself really brings out all this courage that you never thought you had. You cant rely on anyone except for yourself and God. You can not trust anyone here. Being here has made me become so much more independent then I thought I ever would be at the age of 19. I still have three other roommates, Lynsee, Amanda, and Shannon. Lynsee is always working and amanda and shannon are like "best friends" They do everything together and whisper all the time. Its very awkward in the house because they are always together and make me feel left out. I feel like I am still in Highschool with them.. But I am to Model and work, not to make friends. Today we have a new girl coming! Her name is megan. I don't know anything about her, I just hope she isn't like the other girls. Because I shouldn't feel uncomfortable in my own house. I was so  happy because my best friend Lauren Reeder, came to visit me for a day and a half! She arrived tuesday evening and left thursday morning! It felt so good to have someone, here, that actually cared for me. We walked ALL OVER NYC! Since Lauren knew more about NYC, she was the one taking me around! She showed me so much that I never seen. Sadly, she left thursday early morning and it was so hard to say Goodbye... I have not seen lauren since last year... it brought tears to my eyes. Now that she is gone, and I am alone in the apartment its very tough. I am trying to make it work, but its hard. I am very lonely and miss having people around me that believe in me and want the best for me. Yesterday was friday, a beautiful day! So I decided to pay $20 to go on a boat called the shark, its a speed boat that takes you around the hudson river! It was so much fun.. it felt like I was on lake travis.. well sorta! After the boat ride was over, I asked the captain if there was a pass to stay on the boat all day! He invited me to stay on the boat with no cost!!! It was the perfect thing... I felt so at home! They even fed me lunch :) My first ride was at 12:00, so from 12:00 to 8:00 I was on the boat! It pays to be cute and friendly! The captain even told me that I could come back anytime I wanted and I would have a free ride!  So onto a different subject! I met the new roommate, her name is megan! I am so happy... God has answered my prayers! She is so sweet and we instantly clicked. She is very down to earth and a christian.. I can tell that we will get along very well!!! Her family took me to lunch today and they remind me so much of my family. God just keeps answering my prayers!!

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