Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its been too long

It is Tuesday morning and Im sitting in my living room in tears. It finally hit me that I have already been here for one month! Its been one month since I have seen my family, friends, my cat, and texas. It is so crazy. I know its been a while since I have blogged so i'm going to try to write about some things that I think are important. I am now living with 3 other girls. I got a new roommate a week ago! Her name is Shannon, she is a tall blonde! Very beautiful. Her mother took us all to lunch and it was our first time to really get to know each other. There is NO DRAMA in the house! We all get along very well. So its me, amanda, lynsee and shannon. Lynsee was my first roommate, sadly she is leaving in two weeks :(.... Its going to be very different because me and her click and shannon and amanda click. So I'm not sure what the house will be like without her. After she leaves, we should be having another girl come in a couple of weeks. Enough about my roommates. I have been doing okay.. I still have my little break downs but i'm trying very hard to stay strong and believe in myself. I have been running central park almost everyday. Its 5 o'clock and I just got a call for a casting so I have to continue when I get back! I promise :)

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