Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your the reason I come home

So tonight I finally got to see my sister!! She has been in NYC since friday with reagan and her family so they were on a tight schedule but they made time to see me tonight! We grabbed dinner at this small Italian place, which was yummy then I gave them a tour of my place. I showed them my actual apartment (they searched through everything) then we went to the lounge and saw the movie room, gym, and pool tables. Then we went up to the rooftop and took pictures! It made my heart so happy to see my little sister! After hanging out in my place we headed down the road to pier 10 so they could see where I go to feel like home! It was also my first time to be there at night. The lights on the bridge were so beautiful! After hanging around there it was time to say goodbye. I grabbed them a taxi and said goodbye. It was so hard to let go to my baby girl.. Me being the emotional girl I am, started to cry. Even though it made my heart so happy it was even harder to say goodbye. I know its not goodbye, its see you later, but its another 3 months until I see her again. It made me realize how much I missed home and being with my family! Right before I left Texas, Me and nikki had grown so close together. We are not just sisters, we are best friend's.. and to see your bestfriend leave you is so hard... I am back up here sitting on my rooftop with tears coming down my face...</3

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