Its about me right now

Its about me right now


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Roommate!

For those who have been reading I got a new roommate, so that means there are three girls! Her name is Amanda and she is super sweet! This is her first time in NYC and she is only 17. She arrived sunday night around 8, so she unpacked, and we just hung out. Monday I took her to century 21 to get stuff for the house. Sadly, as we were working out she realized that she didn't have her Iphone. How sad, the first day in NYC and she lost her cellphone. I had to rush back to the apartment to let cynthia, Owner of Ikon,  into our apartment. So amanda walked to century 21 by herself without a phone to see if she could find it. After I met with Cynthia I decided to walk to find her, impossible! So i just came back to the apartment where they were having a casting for a reality T.V show about plus size models.  After about two hours, amanda shows up to the apartment in tears with no phone. We rushed to Verizon and her dad just bought her a new phone. I have no idea what I would of done. She was two hours alone, with no phone, in a city she had no idea where things where. I was just happy to see her. After the stress level was done we chilled and just started to get to know each other. She is such a sweet girl who I can see us getting along very well. Last night I did not sleep at all..... My email got hacked into so I spent two hours changing my password deactivating my accounts, trying to save as many contacts and emails has I can. I was stressed for a good 3 hours.. So I finally went to bed then woke up around 3 and could not sleep. I decided to get out of bed around 9 and I had breakfast then ran all around central park. Im pretty sure I ran/walked for a good 5 miles! It was so beautiful but extremely hot!! Now I am back into my apartment going to take a nap, rest, and shower for dinner with my little sister tonight!

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